Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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Friday, October 30, 2009

had a conversation with an evangelical muslim the other day

it's fascinating how convincing any passionate person can be. i think i've heard equally compelling arguments for and against just about every religion. you take any eloquent individual who has thought things through, and it's likely they can make a strong case for anything....

im at a point where these kind of conversations seem counter productive and useless. why do we spend so much time quibbling over details when we have SO much in common...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I havent blogged in a while

It's easier to write about the personal when your audience is impersonal. If I don't know you, I'll tell you just about anything. That's what makes blogging so hard for me. Not too many people read this thing, but I'm fairly certain most of the people who do, know me. I am never sure what's appropriate to discuss or what could come back to bite me...

I suppose I've had little to say really. I went to NY. I had a blast. I came back to Tasmania and wondered what I was doing here and what I was going to do next. I stayed here for a couple weeks, which were perfectly adequate but nothing extraordinary. Then I spent a week in Sydney and Helensburgh. It was wonderful. Except that I barely exercised.

But apart from that it was a beautiful week. I visted James and Louise and their little boys Lachlan and Will. They were so much fun to play with. Will was crawling all over the place and Lachie has the most infectious smile. J and L are like family, except that we never fight. ;-)

We talked about life and God and values and what next, the eternal question.

Then I headed up to Newtown with my boss Steph, who's really more a friend who I work with. We met up with Bec who has the other two-thirds of my job. (A job share, to be more precise.:) Newtown shopping and people watching. Thai food. MMmmmm.

Australasian Medical Writers conference. Inspiring. Encouraging. Maybe I don't hate medical writing afterall. Just need to be more selective about my work.:)

Random dinner with friend of a friend who's not really a friend (gotta love the Internet, where people you've never met introduce you to their buds.:))Good conversation, wine and food.

Then I headed Parramatta way. Caught up with a family I lost touch with because I was too ashamed to tell them I was getting divorced. Long story.

But it was so awesome to see them again. They are originally from Afghanistan and I met them a week after they arrived in Australia in August 2001. For 18 months we (my former husband and I) spent about one full day a week with them. When they moved to Sydney we still saw them regularly, but slowly as our relationship disintegrated we stopped spending as much time with this family, until we had lost touch completely.

It seemed too awkward to explain. I was ashamed. I didn't know what to say so I said nothing.

Over the last few years I always wondered how they were but my attempts to track them down were always fruitless. Then finally a couple weeks ago I found one of them on Facebook. Just in time for my visit to Sydney.

Felt like the prodigal son(daughter?) when I showed up at their house-- there was a platter of pastries filled with cream, chocolate cupcakes, marble cake, cardemom tea, platter of nuts and caramals. They had made fancy rice with carrots and raisins. Egg plant. two types of beef curries and a chicken curry. Homemade yogurt. A pasta dish. And salad. That was just for lunch!!

There were hugs, stories and introductions. And explanations.

Lots of all of the above. And some photos, which I've yet to upload.

Now I'm back in Tasmania, once again wondering what I'm doing here, what next...the eternal question.

Monday, October 05, 2009

The rest of my NY pix

I just got back from a long weekend of biking and hiking at Maria Island which is on the east coast of Tasmania. The perfect remedy for post holiday blues: take another holiday!! It was perfect-- blue skies, brilliantly white sand, sculpted sandstone cliffs, an enormous array of brighly colored birds including some rare and endagered ones, more wombats than i've ever seen (including one with a baby that was sooooooooo cute) and lots and lots of kangaroos and wallabys. I forgot to bring bike shorts, and my butt is very sore-- I can finally authoritatively concede that bike shorts do indeed serve a purpose beyond making one look silly! I didn't bring my camera so you'll just have to imagine the most idyllic surroundings you can-- and that's pretty much what my weekend was like.

Now-- here are the rest of the pics from my trip home. one of my favorite things about NY is how one minute you can be in a beautiful climbing area seemingly in the middle of nowhere, and less than 90 minutes later you can be abuzz in the restless, frenetic energy of manhatten. ah new york, i never tire of you!!

i recall taking this same series of pictures upon my first visit to NY as an adult many years ago.... i never expected to find a graveyard inside!!

public library in an old church-- love this.

this mural is really interesting-- i didnt know rosa parks had a predecessor!

911 tribute.

pretty funny climate change protest-people... buy this survival ball costume and you'll be protected from everything bad and scary...exzcept the government;) just kidding, im not an anarchist, really. but mark is!!!

Sign on the building where my (new)friend works. :)

Minnewaska State Park near New Paltz
featuring Mark R, my first adventure buddy.:) (responsible for introducing me to the mighty adventures of greyhound buses, back in 1997. Thanks Mark!!!)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Words that move me

While home I discovered a bunch of poems copied on bits of looseleaf that had obviously moved me at some point. This one still does.

Recognitions by Irving Feldman

Not the God, though it might have been
savoring some notion of me
and exciting the cloud where he was hidden
with impetuous thunderstrokes of summoning
-it was merely you who recognized me,
speaking my name in such a tone
I knew you had been thinking it
a long, long time, and now revealed yourself
in this way. Because of this, suddenly who
I was was precious to me.
I am finally back in Australia and very jet-lagged. Here are some more family pictures (and one of my dad's cool roommate at the nursing home, Carlee). This was the first time my whole family has all been together in several years. It was very hard to leave. (I have a few pics from NYC and New Paltz).

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

so much for sleeping on the plane.

i love how random life is. last night i opted not to sleep since we had to leave at 4 30am for the ridiculous red eye i booked. i figured i would just sleep on the plane.

and i would have, except small talk led to the discovery that the woman in my row had lived in Fairport (my itsy bitsy home town) for 16 years, and had 3 kids who graduated from my high school, one of whom was in my class (and is now stationed in afghanistan). It turned out that son graduated from the same college as me. it also turned out that the woman was attending a church reunion, and the church was the local mormon church, so she had just caught up with the parents of several friends i knew.

figured i would just sleep on the next flight...

but that was before i realised i was sitting beside Rod Man a hilarious standup comedian, and the equally hilarious, but very well worn and full of CRAZY and sad stories, Jack Russell, lead singer of Great White ... who offered me some sleeping pills they gave him in rehab. I declined. Given how much the poor dude was shaking, I'm not sure they worked too well anyway.

!2 hours to kill in LA airport-- lucky I then met Fernanda, a Californian who has lived in documentary maker who has lived in australia and venezuela and is hoping to relocate to new zealand.

Monday, September 21, 2009

excerpts from old journals:)

March 13, 1990

..."This week is spirit week at school. Monday was red and white day. I didn't wear any red or white." ...:)

That summer, on the way back from Newfoundland trip.
..."There was a plane right in front of us and we almost crashed. We're going to Toronto. We are in between clouds. Clouds are gasses.(sic)I have to get back to the window."...
sad to be leaving in a few hours